Having decided to shift its Cars spinoff Planes from the safely suburban realm of straight-to-DVD to theatrical release, where it will play in the actual theaters of the rough-and-tumble city streets, Disney has made the last-minute decision to replace star Jon Cryer with someone who can properly capture the edge of the urban jungle. Naturally, it’s gone with Dane Cook, a comedian known for the edgy boundary-pushing that children look for in their cartoon characters, and cast him in the lead role of Dusty The Cropduster, a plane who dreams of air racing, even though his function is to cover as broad a base as possible with his noxious bullshit.

“Dane Cook brings unmatched charisma and brilliant comedic timing and instincts to the character,” director Klay Hall said of the comic actor who has a brilliantly instinctual sense of when to yell things and then yell things even louder. “He gives Dusty a great edge,” Hall concludes, ensuring we all recognize that this formerly straight-to-DVD Cars spinoff starring Dane Cook will definitely have plenty of edge. Planes will edge its way into theaters on August 9, where audiences willing to live on the edge will thrill to the story of Dane “Plane” Cook, whose insecurities keep him firmly at a medium level until he encounters a “seasoned naval aviator” who takes him under his wing [<—-NOTE EDGY PLANE JOKE], and then Dane Cook succeeds by copying him.