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Dane Cook gets his very own NBC sitcom

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Having cleansed himself of all lingering resentment from elitist critics through ritual ablution of self-awareness on Louie, Dane Cook is now ready to enter the Valhalla where all highly esteemed comedians receive their eternal reward by headlining an NBC sitcom, an honor bestowed upon only the most deserving humorists such as Sarah Silverman, Whitney Cummings, Chelsea Handler, and Emeril. According to Deadline, Cook has signed a development deal with the network to create and star in his very own show next fall, a half-hour sitcom that, like his routine, will presumably consist of around four minutes of actual jokes made up of a single punchline, each of these repeated with increasing aggressiveness and volume.


Unfortunately, this sitcom most likely cannot be called Cooked, because that was the name of both of Cook’s previous failed pilots, back before he became the stadium-filling stand-up equivalent of an agreeably mediocre modern-rock band. However, his as-yet-untitled show will still assuredly star Cook as a guy who’s just out to have fun, bro, because life is too short to get hung up on other people’s problems, and he’s just doing his thing, and that’s all that’s important. Suggested title: Dane Cook Is Just Doing His Thing, Bro, And If You Don’t Like Him That’s Cool, But There Are A Lot Of People Who Do Like Him, And He Loves Those People, And Life Is Too Short To Get Hung Up On Those Other People’s Problems, And Also He Has A Crazy Girlfriend, Probably.

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