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Dancing With The Stars is now receiving anthrax scares

The LAPD haz-mat team was called to the CBS Studios yesterday afternoon, after a mysterious white powder—which was determined to be harmless—was discovered in an envelope addressed to Dancing With The Stars. Though neither the exact nature of the substance nor a possible motive have been discussed, naturally there are bound to be theories, ranging from recent 9/11 nostalgia, to the intense furor surrounding Chaz Bono that’s being whipped up over at places like the Fox And Friends lunch table, their pointless bullying creating a climate of hate that feeds directly into the actions of idiotic extremists. Strangely, no one has considered the likelihood that it was just a poorly packed, tiny seashell bra for Nancy Grace’s errant areola, but yeah, that’s probably it, right? So, thanks for panicking the nation with your nipples, Nancy Grace.


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