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Dancing gorilla is having an extremely good time

Photo: YouTube

Gorillas are the best. At the zoo, they tend to be one of the more popular animals as they seem to have the ability to both fascinate and terrify people at the same time. Now, the latest star to rise among their ranks is a resident of the Dallas Zoo who goes by the name of Zola, and his club-worthy dance routine is undeniably infectious.

The original video has no music. Like all great dancers, Zola is a purist—moving to the rhythm in his head. It wasn’t until a Twitter user went ahead and added Michael Sembelo’s seminal dance hit “Maniac” in the background that Zola’s fame really took off.


Sorry, Zola. We all have to play the game.

This isn’t even the first time Zola has captured the public eye. Back in 2011, he was filmed doing some surprisingly tight breakdancing.

Wherever you are, whatever your plans are, please take to your weekend like Zola in a kiddy pool.

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