Screenshot: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Dana Carvey: Still really, really good at imitating famous people. The proof? This video from Vanity Fair, in which Carvey is asked to do a series of “nano-impressions.” Carvey hits on current political figures (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump), past political figures (both Bush presidents), and stars both living (Owen Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and dead (Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant). He also does a bit of Garth, which isn’t exactly an impression but a treat regardless.

Carvey, who currently voices an old hound in The Secret Life Of Pets, briefly acts out mundane scenarios as these famous figures: Trump applies some ChapStick; Ronald Reagan is apologetic as he hands in an expired coupon. You get the picture. Watch and marvel at Carvey’s vocal abilities.


[via Vanity Fair]