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For nearly two decades now, Dana Carvey and Mike Myers have been bitterly divided by an ongoing feud—a Wayne’s World war that, like the Battle of the Bulge, also involved funny words for erections. Myers, it was gossiped, had tried to prevent Carvey from tagging along on the movie version of their popular SNL skit, worried he might be upstaged. That jealousy reportedly grew even more intense during actual filming, allegedly leading to Myers trying to minimize Carvey’s role in the sequel. Shortly thereafter, Carvey supposedly expressed indignation over Myers stealing his Lorne Michaels impression for Dr. Evil. Various frustrations were vented. Wigs were probably tossed. Johnny Carson impressions were deployed sarcastically. In other words, it was war.


Of course, said “feud” was primarily characterized by Carvey and Myers’ repeated denials, dating all the way back to 1993, that it ever existed. (Indeed, if the two did hate each other, it certainly didn’t prevent them from a one-off Wayne’s World reunion on SNL in 2011.) Nevertheless, the feud that may or may not have even been a thing is officially over thanks to Academy president Hawk Koch, who’s organized a Wayne’s World panel on April 23 for them to “make public peace”—not only with each other, but also with director Penelope Spheeris, who definitely did have problems with Mike Myers.

“We're all getting too old to be pissed,” Spheeris told The Hollywood Reporter of this impending reunion, which comes after the acrimonious clashes on the first film that led to Myers barring her from working on the sequel, and her branding him a “bastard” in interviews. But Spheeris, for one, is ready to put all that behind her: “Wayne's World has such a beautiful, uplifting spirit about it. Why should there be a dark cloud? This is going to be cathartic,” Spheeris said, before unfortunately squandering her one opportunity to add, “…Not” and have it be funny for the first time in years.

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