Dan Potthast (Photo: Christine Mackie)

Dan Potthast may not be a household name, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing new albums with vigor. Dating back to his time as the vocalist in Mu330, Potthast has always had a distinct songwriting style, being able to work within a genre but never letting that win out over his own interests. On July 8 he’ll release his latest record To The Lions—this time under the moniker Dan P.—on the dual labels run by Jeff Rosenstock, with Really Records handling the physical product and Quote Unquote Records hosting it for free digitally. The A.V. Club is premiering “The Lie,” the first track from To The Lions, which shows Potthast’s ability to jump from one style to another and never get tripped up. It’s a song that shows that, even decades into his career, Potthast hasn’t grown cynical, as he’s still in search of the honest things in the world.

Pre-orders for To The Lions are available now through Really Records.


To The Lions trackilist
1. Beautiful Night
2. All I Want
3. World Won
4. Day Off
5. The Facts
6. The Lie
7. Talent
8. Crush
9. Back Again
10. Shazam
11. Pinball