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Dan Harmon wishes he had made fun of his Community bosses more

It's been several months since Dan Harmon was booted from NBC's Community, and in that time he's opened up in a lengthy, heartfelt blog post, given some confessional interviews, bemoaned his inability to create the perfect TV tranquilizer for America's brainwashed automatons, and then received two separate offers to develop new shows for Fox and CBS—you know, the circle of showrunner life. But people still want to talk Community and Harmon continues to oblige, most recently in an interview with KCRW's The Business where, typically, he both blames himself ("I would have fired me") and points an accusatory finger ("We’re going to smother it with a pillow very quietly," he says of NBC's decision to put the show on hiatus and then make a shortened fourth season without him, then later scoffs at network president Bob Greenblatt's request to make it "more grounded" by noting that Greenblatt only watched five episodes). Still, he really is trying to move on, saying his possible multi-camera Fox and CBS pilots are his attempts at "pleasing everyone," and expressing hope that he'll prove he's employable this time.

But that doesn't mean Harmon has no regrets: In fact, the only thing he says he wished he'd done differently was to have "made a little more fun of the people I'll never work with again"—people like Sony programming head Kim Rozenfeld, whom Harmon reveals is the butt of several jokes in "Digital Exploration Of Interior Design." The whole subplot about getting a bunch of notes from some guy named Kim—which everyone insists is a girl's name—was Harmon "trying to get under [Rozenfeld's] skin," he says. "There's just a lot of jokes about how Kim is a girl's name, and who cares about his notes?" So now whenever you watch that episode you can share in the inside joke of Harmon making fun of his boss, before being filled with sadness that that sort of fucking around indirectly led to the show you liked changing forever.  [via Vulture]


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