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Dan Harmon, Will Ferrell, more to appear on season three of Drunk History

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Comedy Central’s Drunk History probably isn’t the most effective way to learn anything, but it’s one of the more entertaining ways. With the show returning for another year tomorrow night, host Derek Waters has announced some of the famous faces we’ll be seeing. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Waters revealed that one upcoming episode will feature Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer as Roald Dahl and Harriet Tubman (respectively), and Alia Shawkat will show up as a one-legged spy named Virginia Hall. Other episodes will see Josh Hartnett playing Clark Gable, Drunk History veteran Jason Momoa as the pirate Jean Lafitte, Sam Rockwell as Bugsy Seigel, and Dennis Quaid as Lucky Luciano.

As for the narrators who actually tell the historical stories, Entertainment Weekly says Waters “met his match” in Community creator Dan Harmon. Waters says he usually tries to get to the same “level” as the narrator, drunkenness-wise, but in filming the segment with Harmon he says he has “never been more drunk, and never will be that drunk again.” That might not have been fun for him, but it’ll probably make for an entertaining history lesson.


Season three of Drunk History premieres on September 1.

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