(Photo: Getty Images For SXSW, Travis P. Ball)

ABC’s Dr. Ken has already reunited star Ken Jeong with pretty much every single one of his old Community buddies other than Alison Brie and Donald Glover, but the show’s latest Community cameo is going to be a bit more meta. According to Entertainment Weekly, Community creator Dan Harmon will make a guest appearance on Dr. Ken’s upcoming season finale as “Dan Harmon, the creator of a new community college-set TV series.”

Apparently, the fictional Dan Harmon will invite Jeong’s character to audition for his TV show after seeing him do stand-up, setting the stage for season three of Dr. Ken to just be another season of Community, but with Señor Chang as a guy named Dr. Ken instead of a deranged creep living in the air ducts. Or, if Dr. Ken doesn’t get a third season, they could lump that storyline into the Community movie that is definitely going to happen someday.


Harmon’s episode of Dr. Ken will air on March 31.