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Dan Harmon’s matching Harmontown subscriptions with ACLU donations

Photo: Travis P. Ball/Getty Images

The only arguably good news to come out of this weekend is that the American Civil Liberties Union broke any previous records for fundraising. The boost to the non-profit came in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order that bars anyone from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Iran, from getting new visas for 90 days. That’s only one of the measures that was introduced during the first week of his presidency, but it probably the most immediate fallout. With visa and green card holders reportedly detained at airports—as well as refugees who’d already passed a vigorous screening process—protests have broken out across the country. The ACLU has already filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government on behalf of two of those men, and celebrities like Dan Harmon are trying to keep the organization running with donations. The Community creator has pledged to match all new Harmontown subscriptions from now until April 15 (the day of the so-called Tax March) with donations to the ACLU.


But, if you’ve already been tuning into Harmontown and are worried your money might help people in need, you can relax, because Harmon’s made it clear that only new subscriptions will be matched. That should generate enough good will to make everyone forget about the delay on Rick And Morty season three (we kid; we’re still pissed).

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