Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of unemployment with new powers, Dan Harmon appeared at the Community panel at Comic-Con in a cardboard Iron Man suit thrown together in 16 hours. He got to play billionaire playboy savior for a minute, then Danny Pudi and Jim Rash slowly removed pieces of the suit—“A machine that eats pain and craps joy”—to reveal the squishy, bearded carnival barker within. Now you can bid on Harmon’s hastily created Iron Man costume in full on Ebay, complete with light-up arc reactor chest piece, palm lights, “Streets Ahead” back plate, and Dan Harmon’s autograph. (Dan Harmon retweeted the auction announcement, so it appears to be legitimate.) The opening bid is set at $500, which nobody had matched as of yet. But if you see somebody walking around the convention floor in this suit next year, you’ll know the minimum they paid for this piece of cardboard Community memorabilia.