In potentially welcome news for the Orwellian masses yearning to be pacified after a long day in the Habitrail, a report in TV Guide says that Dan Harmon is close to signing a pilot deal at the network, his first since being booted from NBC's Community and into the prayerful wishes of people who never used to care about where TV showrunners end up. Though details are scarce, it is believed that the show will be, as Harmon suggested earlier this month, a multi-camera comedy, one that will presumably have less of the sort of irritating inventiveness and Harmon irascibility that cost him his other job. And if he does land this new show, it would be a return to Fox for Harmon after writing the cult pilot Heat Vision And Jackwhich didn't get picked up and some people have been mad about that for years, so take that, Community fans. Anyway, more details and then premature apprehension about those details are surely coming soon.