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Dan Harmon may record his reaction to Community's fourth season as a DVD commentary

As you may have heard over the weekend and over the din of “My emotions!’ comments, Dan Harmon is returning to Community, after the Internet voted on it. And though his deal is still being finalized, Harmon recently told a Cinefamily crowd that he’s already making plans for the future—like bringing back Chris McKenna, “the hands-down best writer of all the seasons,” as his co-showrunner. Or further stocking up his writing staff, with Harmon saying he’s looking for any “midlevel writer who doesn’t work for Parks And Rec” already. He’s also been doing some celebratory drinking, which will likely factor into the future as well.

One thing that will definitely be part of his more immediate plans: Finally watching season four, which Harmon still swears he hasn’t seen yet, and maybe even doing so as part of a special feature for the forthcoming DVDs. “Sony said they’re very interested in recording me watching it as a commentary track,” Harmon said, acknowledging that doing so “would move season four DVDs, for sure.” When asked by his Cinefamily co-host Rob Schrab whether that commentary track would also include “a visual in the corner of the screen with Harmon’s facial expressions as he watches the season he was notably aced out of,” Harmon responded, “I think I can do anything.” Of course, that kind of thinking led to Harmon not being around for season four in the first place—but obviously this whole situation is way beyond precedent at this point.


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