(Photo: History Channel)

Dan Harmon’s put his time machine to good use on his short-form History series, Great Minds—he’s already brought Ludwig van Beethoven and William Shakespeare into the present for some face time, with varying degrees of pleasantness. In Thursday’s episode, he meets with Amelia Earhart (Kristen Schaal), who’s disappointed to learn that she’s better known for her mysterious disappearance than her flying. But in this clip, which The A.V. Club is exclusively premiering, Earhart is tickled to hear that she’s as much a pioneer in fashion as she is in aviation.

After exchanging some innuendos about Anne Lindbergh, the pair talks about Earhart’s punny, prescient name, though she admits she assumed the moniker because “Jessica Walker” just wasn’t aerodynamic enough. After learning about her legacy, Earhart tries to establish herself as a trailblazer in Harmon’s office, but not even her slide-whistling is much of a first. You can catch the full (brief) episode tonight as part of History’s Night Class comedy block.