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Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna officially confirmed to officially return to Community, multiple sources confirm

In the latest instance of television lagging a few steps behind the Internet, Dan Harmon’s return to Community (and Chris McKenna’s re-installment as executive producer alongside the show’s once-and-future showrunner) has been confirmed by Sony Pictures Television. According to The Hollywood Reporter (one of the first non-Harmon sources to break the story), everything you first read about in secondhand reports of a Harmontown taping, give or take a few flip comments about Chevy Chase, is true. There are articles in trade publications with the word “official” and “confirmed” in the headlines, so you can go about your day secure in the knowledge that the Internet is a font of truth—even when that truth is coming from Deadline and it initially looks like baseless, pageview-grubbing rumor mongering.


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