While publicly shouldering his share of the blame for Yogi Bear 3-D, Dan Aykroyd recently called forth another ghastly apparition, that of the long-in-the-denying Ghostbusters 3. Over the weekend, Aykroyd rolled out of the back of his vodka-lined RV in a clattering tumult of empty crystal skulls and pamphlets about why space aliens should be arrested to give a radio interview in Chicago, whereupon he soon began insisting anew that another Ghostbusters sequel was, in fact, in the making.

His proof: a list of “fresh faces” who are now “strong possibilities” to inherit the franchise, including Bill Hader, Anna Faris, and Eliza Dushku, who will obviously be taking over the Rick Moranis role. Actually, Dushku has been a prospect for close to a year now, with Aykroyd first mentioning her last February as a possible female Ghostbuster alongside Alyssa Milano. (Since then Milano has denied that she had any knowledge of the role, while Dushku said some nice things about Sigourney Weaver.)

Aykroyd also said again that he believed the film would start shooting in May in time for a Christmas 2012 release. Of course, Dan Aykroyd has also stated that he believes the world will come to an end in 2012, so suddenly all of his grandiose plans make sense, seeing as the aliens will ensure he never has to actually deliver on them.