Damon Wayans Jr. has had a few unsuccessful stabs at sitcom stardom, spending three seasons on the underappreciated Happy Endings, and missing his calling to play the underwritten black guy on New Girl. But the Wayans clan may see their young scion ascend to the throne one way yet, as Damon Jr. has a sitcom pilot going to Fox next season.

Called Man/Child, the show is about two single dads who move in together and try and balance their reckless bachelor lifestyles with responsible parenthood. So basically a gender-swapped remake of Kate & Allie with more jokes about feeding the kids leftover pizza, because that's all guys on TV know how to cook.

Wayans will produce and star in the show, with Modern Family director Jason Winer on board for at least the pilot. No word yet as to who the second roommate will be—although if Lamorne Morris' acting chops aren't all worn out from that "Winston likes puzzles" storyline on New Girl, he might appreciate some new digs.