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Damon Lindelof says Justin Theroux will get naked if The Leftovers gets an Emmy

The Leftovers

Today is the last day of Emmy voting, so people who work on TV shows are pulling out all the stops in order to try and secure a nomination. Very few are as serious about it as The Leftovers’ Damon Lindelof, though, as he has spent the evening posting memes on his Instagram about why members of the Television Academy should vote for The Leftovers. However, rather than reminding people about the show’s many strengths, he’s focusing on one in particular: Justin Theroux’s hot, messianic bod.


As you can see, he’s basically just promising that Justin Theroux will get naked if the Emmy voters give The Leftovers a nomination.


Earlier this month, Lindelof detailed his mission to get more dongs on TV, and though he hasn’t said where people might be able to see Theroux pop those sweatpants off if The Leftovers gets these Emmy nominations, the obvious choice would be during the actual Emmys ceremony later this year. CBS might not be too crazy about that, but the people have gotta have their nude Justin Theroux.


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