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Back in July, we reported that Blur/Gorillaz guy Damon Albarn was writing “a mainstream musical for families.” That was all we knew at the time, but now Rolling Stone is reporting that the musical will be “a reinterpretation” of Alice In Wonderland. Threatening to break our “because of course it is” button from overuse, the production will be titled Wonder.land (because of course it is), and it will be about a 12-year-old girl named Aly (because of course it is), and the titular Wonder.land will be some kind of virtual reality space (because of course it is).


Eventually, “real life and Wonder.land begin to collide in ever more curious and dangerous ways,” which at least suggests more of a twist on the concept than “it’s all in a computer.” But, hey, Damon Albarn is doing some music for it. OK, it’s music about being trapped in a weirdly obvious Alice In Wonderland update that puts everything in a computer, but people also probably thought a band of cartoon monkeys sounded stupid at first.

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