Glee may officially be bigger than The Beatles according to some outdated metrics, but its sudden popularity has also given rise to the strange, tangential phenomenon of bands preemptively refusing to let the show use their music. Unlike Kings Of Leon, which actually got asked to the karaoke prom before saying no, Gorillaz leader Damon Albarn went ahead and made it clear that his band wasn’t interested before anyone could even bring it up, saying, “We wouldn’t let that happen. And not that they've asked us because they haven't, and now they definitely won't.” Well, not with that attitude, no—and definitely not now that Albarn is on record as saying that Glee’s slick, Archetypal Kidz Bop versions of popular tunes are “a very poor substitute for the real thing," and that “those songs won't last like the Beatles by any stretch of their imagination. They'll be forgotten in a few years' time.” When the leader of a cartoon band that originated as a commentary on the substance-free superficiality of popular music essentially calls you a bunch of flash-in-the-pan fakes, somehow it hurts a little more.