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Damon Albarn announces a solo record, says Blur might record new material between festival dates

Damon Albarn is always busy with something, be it with Gorillaz, The Good The Bad & The Queen, or with Blur’s recent handful of live performances, including a headlining gig at Coachella. Now Albarn plans to add a solo record to all that, one he recorded with Richard Russell, who helped Albarn produce Bobby Womack’s third record The Bravest Man In The Universe. Albarn has released material outside his various bands before—the 2003 vinyl-only EP Democrazy and the soundtrack of his Dr. Dee opera project—but the as-yet untitled album (which he dubs “sort of folk-soul”) will be his first official solo release.

That isn’t the only bit of news Albarn teased to Rolling Stone: He also says Blur may have some down time to record between its upcoming festival performances in Europe, “so we might make the record in a week. If we can it would be nice.” Blur has already put out two new songs in the past year, so a whole new album is not unthinkable.

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