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Whether or not it “does a disservice to 1995 and record-store culture,” Empire Records captured the zeitgeist with its pairing of cute, energized teen weirdos and ‘90s alt-rock. Its perfectly cast ensemble is responsible for much of the movie’s appeal, so much so that a good chunk of them went on to find much larger success in the entertainment industry.

This new video from Looper checks in on each of the core cast members (including Warren!), revealing some stuff we already know (Renee Zellweger got really, really famous) and some you probably didn‘t (um, 24-year old Coyote Shivers’ was Liv Tyler’s stepdad?).

As with most modern actors, the majority of the cast went on to find success on TV, with the likes of Rory Cochrane, Robin Tunney, and Johnny Whitworth all staking a claim on network and cable shows. What the video fails to mention, however, is Ethan Embry’s striking about-face from overexcited youngster to genre staple, with the actor—now rugged and beefed-up—doing some of the best work of his career in horror flicks like Cheap Thrills, Late Phases, and The Devil’s Candy. Still, it’s good to see how many of these lovable alt-teens land on their feet.


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