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Damn it, Jim—that Star Trek lawsuit just won’t go away

(Star Trek)

It appears that, despite the best efforts of the 21st century’s Star Trek directors, Paramount and CBS will continue to fight their legal battle with the Axanar filmmakers over copyright infringement. So what started with a surprisingly well-made Star Trek fan film, then became the subject of some of the nerdiest arguments ever presented in court, is starting to look like the Dominion War. Although Paramount and CBS indicated last month that they would be dropping the suit—after J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin asked them to play nice with the fandom—they’ve now decided to move forward with it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the parties returned to court on Wednesday, at which time Paramount and CBS were expected to ask for an extension in order to work out a settlement with Axanar. But then the plaintiffs borrowed a page from the Breen Confederacy’s book, launching a sneak attack against the defendants, i.e., filing an answer to Axanar’s counterclaim that cited Abrams and Lin’s statements of support for the project. Okay, so that’s nowhere near as nefarious as the attack on Starfleet’s headquarters in 2375, and Paramount and CBS are reportedly still interested in settling, but it’s not behavior befitting a Starfleet anything. (Well, maybe Neelix.)


[via io9]

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