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Dallas remake back on track

After being blown off course late last year (perhaps by the cumulative wind of a million people sighing dejectedly in unison), the big-screen remake of TV's Dallas is back on track. This time Betty Thomas, director of both Brady Bunch movies, is at the helm, which suggests that her take on the oil-rich Ewing clan may have a similar spoof-y slant—which Variety cleverly refers to as "drilling for laughs" (get it? Because it's about oil!). So far John Travolta as J.R. is the only holdover from last year's casting, although Luke Wilson, Shirley MacLaine, and Jennifer Lopez were all previously attached to the straight-faced version. As to why the remake has shifted from a "reimagining" to a much lazier satire sure to be riddled with comically oversized hair and boozy Sue Ellen jokes, Regency states that it "hopes a comedy will appeal to a younger audience." How about it, twentysomethings? Does this sound like it's more up your alley—you know, like that Starsky And Hutch movie you loved so much?


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