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Dakota Johnson is also mourning her tooth gap

Celebrities deserve their privacy too, especially when faced with loss. That’s why everyone should just calm down about Dakota Johnson’s missing tooth gap. Is it impossible not to miss if you’re used to her signature gap? Yes. Is it a little unnerving, like if someone shaved off an eyebrow or got bangs without telling you? Maybe a little bit, yeah. But enough is enough. The woman deserves the courtesy of being left the hell alone. As she recently told Jimmy Fallon while promoting the upcoming The Peanut Butter Falcon, Johnson is both very sad about it and also dealing with a whole new list of problems that comes with gapless teeth (it has to do with food getting stuck).

It might seem silly for her to care so much, but it actually wasn’t her choice to close the gap, but rather just the way the human body works sometimes. Johnson told Fallon that due to neck pain, her orthodontist suggested getting rid of a retainer she had behind her teeth since she was a pre-teen, which helped with her pain but resulted in the loss of her signature gap. She’s determined, however, to get her gap back, and if that means shoving more credit cards and cherry stems between her two front teeth, then so be it.

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