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Dakota Johnson and Riley Keough are goin' cult hunting

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It’s sort of never not cult season in America; throw a rock in this country, and you’re likely to hit an alternative religious movement somewhere, teaching its adherents somethings, and sometimes also involving one of the series leads on a WB superhero drama. Which is great news for Dakota Johnson and Riley Keough, who’ve just signed on to star in and produce a new limited series, Cult Following, that’s all about a cult survivor tracking down other cults and talking about cult shit. Cult!


Per Entertainment Weekly, the series is based on the upcoming memoir of the same name by writer Bexy Cameron, who grew up in the infamous Children Of God (a.k.a The Family, a.k.a. The Family International) religious organization. The series will see Johnson star as a dramatized version of Cameron, who, with a close friend played by Keough, drives around the country, investigating other cults, and trying to process the trauma of her upbringing.

No word on where the series might land just yet; it’s being developed by Platform One Media. Cameron’s book is scheduled to come out next July.

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