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Daisy Ridley to take on the Baba Yaga in new VR short

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Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

Playing a main character in a Star Wars movie tends to have the unfortunate side effect of… completely ruining your acting career, and while most of the new cast from Disney’s sequels will probably be fine, we still haven’t seen a whole lot of post-Star Wars work from Daisy Ridley. That’s still the case, but at least now we know about an interesting new project she’s working on. According to Variety, Ridley will be starring in a VR short from Baobab Studios called Baba Yaga.


Before we get into what this is, we should point out that this is the traditional Baba Yaga we’re talking about—as in the Russian witch who lives in a house with chicken legs—and not the handsome Baba Yaga with the a fondness for puppers and propensity for assassinating that you might know from some other movies. In the VR short, Ridley will provide the voice of Magda, the sister of the character that the viewer embodies, as the two of you enter a magical forest in hopes of finding a cure for your mother’s sickness. Unfortunately, that magical forest is also the home of the Baba Yaga, and viewers/players/whatever will have to make choices that impact the ending of the story in some way. (Tip: Don’t mess with the Baba Yaga’s dog. We know it’s a different Baba Yaga, but you should still be careful.)

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