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Daisy Ridley accurately observes that Porgs are trashy garbage creatures next to the magnificent Baby Yoda

Back when Porgs, the doe-eyed penguin things featured in The Last Jedi, were revealed, it was easy to assume that Star Wars aliens had reached a cuteness apex that would go unrivaled long into the future. Now, only two years later, The Mandalorian has given us Baby Yoda, a creature whose design is so devastatingly, heartbreakingly adorable that it’s forced humanity to call into question what we ever saw not only in Porgs, but in kittens, puppies, or any other small, previously precious living being so imperfectly shat out by the natural world.

That Baby Yoda is superior to the Porg is inarguable, but, eager to start an argument that no reasonable person would ever entertain, Jimmy Fallon nonetheless asked Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the latest Star Wars trilogy, which of the two aliens she prefers.

“What’s cuter?” he asks, holding up pictures showing the resplendent Yoda, a small green king reclining in his floating egg-shaped throne, next to a musty old Porg looking toward the viewer with wet eyes that reveal the sadness it feels knowing how completely its position in pop culture has been usurped.


“Baby Yoda,” Ridley instantly responds. “Look, I’m not a big fan of the Porgs.”

She explains the frustrations of the humans who worked so hard to create The Last Jedi being asked endless interview questions about the Porgs—a situation that has created in her a resentment that could only be rivaled by the Porgs now knowing that they are disposable shit-birds next to the beautiful Baby Yoda.

“Baby Yoda,” she repeats again, making her stance clear.

This is the correct response of course. But, as we stand before the bonfire tonight, warming our hands on piles above piles of burning Porg merchandise now made retroactively hideous by the images of Baby Yoda floating in our mind’s eye, remember how fickle the universe can be. One day, you’re a human actor being upstaged by a Porg, the next you’re a focus-grouped penguin fully replaced by a miniature Yoda.


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