(Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images)

Lizz Winstead—the TV producer, stand-up comic, and writer who co-created Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, and whose comic sensibilities defined it in its early, pre-Jon Stewart years—has announced that she’ll be broadcasting an end-of-year satirical wrap-up on December 31. Titled Controversy, in honor of the late Prince, the pay-per-view special will cover the entire national garbage fire that was 2016.

“I have been doing political comedy for 25 years and this year was the biggest avalanche of material I have ever had to dig out from under,” Winstead said in a press release describing the show. The comic’s credits include both Comedy Central and MSNBC; she’s also the author of an essay collection, Lizz Free Or Die, and has hosted a weekly live satire show, Don’t Shoot The Messenger, in New York since 2007. Winstead will be filming the special on December 30, ensuring that no last-minute tragedies or low-key awfulness manage to slip through the cracks. You should be able to pre-order the special at this link soon, via a $9.99 donation to Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice League, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about legislation impacting women’s reproductive rights.