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HitFix reports that BBC France has commissioned a one-hour special on Daft Punk, the electronic music duo whose Random Access Memories won a tidy number of Grammys in 2013. The French musicians behind the moniker, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, typically make public appearances wearing their space-age helmets and mostly avoid talking to the press. This would be the first documentary about the pair.


It’s unclear yet whether the documentary will film Daft Punk’s members going about their lives while wearing those helmets, or finally provide some rare footage of the two without the masks. But either should be interesting—like, what if Guy-Manuel wore his helmet while making a grilled cheese sandwich, before grabbing his hamper to do some laundry? “Guy-Manuel!” Thomas would say, wearing his own helmet. “Did you forget to lock the door, you dumb motherfucker?” (Except in French.) “I can’t hear you, or see anything, because I’m wearing a helmet,” Guy-Manuel would respond. That film, or something like it, is slated to air in 2015.

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