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Daft Punk releases live concert LPs as deluxe box set

Pitchfork reports that Daft Punk is issuing its live albums, Alive 1997 and Alive 2007, as a vinyl deluxe box set. The limited-edition collection is fully loaded, including the encore to Alive 2007 on a bonus LP. A 52-page booklet of performance photos, slipmat, and download card round out the extras (authentic robot helmets are sadly absent). The deluxe set will be available from Rhino on December 23. Stereogum clarifies that each album will also be available to purchase separately as standard-issue separate vinyl LPs, a first for 2007. A full track list is below.

Alive 2007:

Side A:
01 “Robot Rock”
02 “Oh Yeah”
03 “Touch It”
04 “Technologic”
05 “Television Rules The Nation”
06 “Crescendolls”


Side B:
07 “Too Long”
08 “Steam Machine”
09 “Around The World”
10 “Harder Better Faster Stronger”
11 “Burnin’”
12 “Too Long”

Side C:
13 “Face To Face”
14 “Short Circuit”
15 “One More Time”
16 “Aerodynamic”
17 “Aerodynamic Beats”
18 “Forget About The World”

Side D:
19 “Prime Time Of Your Life”
20 “Brainwasher”
21 “Rollin’ And Scratchin’”
22 “Alive”
23 “Da Funk”
24 “Daftendirekt”
25 “Superheroes”
26 “Human After All”
27 “Rock’N’Roll

Deluxe Edition Bonus Vinyl:
“Human After All”
“One More Time” (Reprise)
“Music Sounds Better With You”


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