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Dads’ Brenda Song is going back to Fox to do something

Unable to be scared off by the fact that she was actually on beloved cult-classic Dads, Brenda Song is going back to Fox to do something. We don’t know what, exactly, but we know Fox is eager to cast her in, again, something. This comes from Variety, which quotes Tess Sanchez, Fox’s senior VP of casting, as referring to Song as “one of the most talented, funny, and authentic young actresses out there today.” According to Sanchez, the network has “an incredible development slate this year, with multiple roles for which Brenda would be the perfect fit,” so look for Song to make at least one appearance in some new Fox pilot next season.

We say that’s aiming a bit too low, though. Song was in The Social Network and made a few appearances on Scandal and New Girl, after all, so she’s proven she can handle whatever comes her way. If Fox is really committed to putting Song in something, then it should just go for broke and put her in everything. At least one of those somethings has got to be better than Dads.


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