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Daddy’s Home goes out to buy cigarettes, actually comes back for a sequel

Daddy's Home

Although it seemed like Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s 2015 comedy Daddy’s Home wrapped up its most important narrative plot—i.e., Daddy came home—by the end of its run time, it turns out that there’s always another layer of homecoming Daddies for intrepid screenwriters to mine. According to Deadline, Wahlberg and Ferrell are set to renew their continued comedic partnership as Daddy and Other Daddy, respectively, for a sequel to the comedy hit, which made $240 million at the box office while the rest of us were off getting lectured on economics by Farrell’s old comedy partner Adam McKay.

The original Daddy’s Home saw the former SNL star play a milquetoast stepDaddy who goes the Will Ferrell kind of crazy after birth Daddy Wahlberg shows up, motorcycle and muscles in tow, to woo back his kids and break up his marriage to Linda Cardellini. The first installment—in what we’re just going to go ahead and start referring to as The Daddy’s Trilogy—ended with Wahlberg meeting an intimidating Daddy of his own in the form of John Cena, which suggests a sort of eternal Daddy recursion for the franchise’s plot Daddies—returning screenwriter John Morris and writer-director Sean Anders—to pursue in the new film.


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