It’s a good week for fans of historically accurate TV shows in which roguish, bearded heroes have wildly fantastical adventures that—for whatever reason—have never been included in history books. Yesterday, we learned that Benjamin Franklin (or at least an actor playing Benjamin Franklin) would be joining Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. And now it’s confirmed that Starz’s Renaissance Italy/Batman mash-up, Da Vinci’s Demons, will be getting a third season.

This news comes via TV Line, which also reports that series creator David S. Goyer will be moving into an executive producer role, with former Breaking Bad and Hell On Wheels producer/writer John Shiban taking over as showrunner. If anyone is concerned that this behind-the-scenes shake-up will have some effect on Da Vinci’s Demons, Carmi Zlotnik, Starz’s managing director, is ready to shush away your concerns. He tells TV Line,  “David S. Goyer’s vision of da Vinci’s journey continues to entertain fans, taking them deeper into the world of Da Vinci’s Demons where there is still much more story to tell.” So, in other words, “please just keep watching the show.”


We don’t have any details yet about where season three will take Leonardo, but if this show continues much longer, it’ll have to start covering some of his other well-known historically accurate adventures—like the time he built murder gadgets for an ancient order of assassins.