Photo: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Greg Berlanti is a busy man. He’s currently responsible the CW’s entire stable of superhero dramas, producing Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends Of Tomorrow, as well as the upcoming Archie adaptation Riverdale. He also produces NBC’s Blindspot, and the recently cancelled Mysteries of Laura. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Berlanti is using his few remaining minutes of spare time to co-create The Marquis, a “sexy and twisted character soap set in the most iconic and exclusive building in Manhattan,” for ABC. (Our money’s on either Grand Central Station, or the base of the Statue of Liberty.)

Because there’s only so much one producer can do on his own, Berlanti’s teaming up with Julie Plec, creator of The Vampire Diaries. She and Berlandi go way back; they started working together on Dawson’s Creek, and co-created the short-lived The Tomorrow People. Also on board is another Dawson’s alum, writer Jake Coburn, who wrote for Berlandi on Arrow and Dirty Sexy Money, as well as stints on Gossip Girl and Lonelygirl15. No air date has been set for The Marquis, but this prolific trio should have already created several dozen other shows by the time the first episode airs.