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The underground comedy series that nobody watches but everyone says you should watch just got easier to see, with The CW announcing that its free, ad-supported streaming platform CW Seed has picked up the rights to stream the first four seasons of Schitt’s Creek. The series just got picked up for a sixth and final season that will air on the CBC and PopTV (depending on whether you’re Canadian or American) in 2020, so this isn’t the whole show, but CW executive vice president Rick Haskins did note in a press release that one of his favorite things about Schitt’s Creek is its “binge-ability” and this introductory run of seasons could be a good way to convince people to track down the rest—just in case everyone on the internet saying “Trust me, Schitt’s Creek is really good!” wasn’t good enough.


For those who have made it this far without knowing anything about Schitt’s Creek, the show comes from creators Dan and Eugene Levy, and it’s about a wacky rich family that loses a bunch of money and has to live in a wacky small town. Trust us, it’s really good!

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