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CW goes back for more Batwoman and Nancy Drew

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Another good year for vigilantism at The CW, as the network announces it’s extending its season orders for two freshman series about people taking the law into their own hands—albeit in ways with a greater or lesser emphasis on leaping off of tall buildings and kicking the shit out of supervillains. Per Deadline, the network has just picked up full-season orders for both Batwoman and Nancy Drew, both of which have only aired three episodes of their first seasons to date. That was apparently enough time to make a good first impression, though, as the pair join the network’s long line of shows in which people bring punishment to the dregs of the criminal element, either through violent martial arts, of politeness and keen library investigation skills.


Batwoman stars Ruby Rose, the latest butt-kicker to fill out Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse of superhero shows. Nancy Drew, meanwhile, stars Kennedy McMann as the plucky teen detective, whose pluck becomes considerably more tested when she’s asked to start solving, uh, homicides. (Carolyn Keene, where have you gone?) Both series have done well for themselves, especially in delayed viewing; it probably doesn’t hurt that the network is looking to bulk up its streaming content catalog as the internet subscription wars heat up.

Both shows have had a nine-episode back half added to their original 13-episode runs; that brings them each up to a full 22-episode first season.

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