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Reminding us all that they don’t exist solely to grimdark up karaoke nights, or periodically let Paul Ryan know how much he sucks, the members of Papa Roach announced a new album tonight—their tenth, for those of you who haven’t been keeping careful track of the “Papa Roach discography” page on Wikipedia. To celebrate the release of details on Who Do You Trust?—out January 18—the band released a lyric video for a new song, “Not The Only One,” which, perhaps coincidentally, feels like an intentional inverse of “Last Resort,” the nu-metal/rap-metal/self-harm anthem that brought them to prominence way back in 2000.

Chalk it up to 18 years of maturity, but the song’s verses almost sound like they’re being directly addressed to the hordes of angry young people who used to freak the shit out of their parents by screaming along to the band’s cause-and-effect lyrics, stuff like “Suffocation (no breathing), don’t give a fuck if I cut my arm, bleeding.” “You’re not the only one,” singer Jacoby Shaddix yell-sings in contrast to his listeners/younger self, while the acoustic guitar that constantly cuts in makes the only thing weirdly cheerful, like if “Classical Gas” had speak-song interludes about the wonderfulness of life.


You can check out the full track list for Who Do You Trust? below.

Papa Roach—Who Do You Trust?

1. The Ending

2. Renegade Musi

3. Not The Only One

4. Who Do You Trust?

5. Elevate

6. Come Around

7. Feel Like Home

8. Problems

9. Top Of The World

10. I Suffer Well

11. Maniac

12. Better Than Life

[via Consequence Of Sound]


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