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Cush Jumbo is leaving The Good Fight

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One more knock-on effect (out of god knows how many) of the COVID-19 shutdowns in Hollywood: Disrupting a perfectly good TV character send-off. That’s the case, apparently, for actress Cush Jumbo and her The Good Fight character Lucca Quinn, with Jumbo announcing this week that she’s departing the CBS All Access series. That news was supposed to come alongside the show’s fourth-season finale, which would, per THR, have “wrapped up” her character’s storyline, but the show was forced to shut down its production before the season’s last three episodes could be filmed, and so no such big farewell for Lucca was ever filmed.


The character originated on The Good Fight’s parent series, The Good Wife, before making the jump over to the streaming series after Alicia Florrick bid her television struggles farewell. THR states that there’s hope that Jumbo will be able to return to the series for a few episodes at the start of its fifth season—ETA TBD—in order to wrap the character’s arc up in a way that doesn’t involve the words “died on the way back to her home planet.”

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