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Curb Your Enthusiasm season 10 trailer delivers Jon Hamm and a premiere date

Just last week, HBO premiered a fairly underwhelming first teaser for Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 10th season. Thankfully, the network has gifted us with a full trailer for the highly-anticipated new season, and within that trailer even more gifts for fans of Larry David’s neurotic alter ego—including an appearance from Jon Hamm, who seems to be aping Larry for some undoubtedly hilarious reason. Also featured in the season 10 trailer are returning stars Richard Lewis, Susie Essman, Ted Danson, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, J.B. Smoove (who introduces something called the Big Johnson Club), Jane Krakowski, Jon Daly (playing Larry’s new mailman), and Kaitlin Olson. But the biggest gift of all is that we finally know when Curb Your Enthusiasm will return: Sunday, January 19.

It’s been two years since season 9, so you may need a quick refresher: Larry finished his script for a musical called Fatwa!, based on the life of author Salman Rushdie. While promoting it on TV, Larry predictably puts his foot in his mouth by mocking the Ayatollah, thus incurring a fatwa of his own, which he narrowly escapes by season’s end. Larry and Jeff reluctantly team up with Lin-Manuel Miranda (whose fictional alter ego is kind of an asshole) to produce the musical, and Susie tells Larry to fuck off a whole bunch. Also: Larry refuses to say “namaste” in yoga class, has an affair with his mail delivery woman, sees a therapist (Bryan Cranston), and offends numerous people (including but not limited to Elizabeth Perkins, Richard Lewis, and F. Murray Abraham). And that pretty much covers it.

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