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Curb Your Enthusiasm returns in January, says Jeff Garlin

Photo: HBO

Good news, schmohawks! Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin just took to Instagram to announce that HBO’s premiere cringe comedy will premiere its 10th season in January. HBO hasn’t confirmed the news as of yet and Garlin didn’t provide an exact date, but, like his onscreen wife Susie Essman, we can always tell when he’s lying.


We don’t much about the season, though we did learn filming apparently began last October and that Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy will be a guest star. Who we won’t be seeing, sadly, is Bob Einstein’s Marty Funkhauser, as the actor died earlier this year.

Curb’s ninth season, its first in six years, aired in the fall of 2017. Revisit our recaps here.

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