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(Image: Cupid.com)

Cupid.com, a longstanding dating website that has just undergone a rebrand, including the addition of a mobile app, would like to introduce Wingman Barney: a nicely groomed, bespectacled dude who wants to help users find their perfect match.

While Cupid.com relies on algorithmic matches like OkCupid and Match, users have the option to speak to Wingman Barney and receive personal input on all matters romantic. Like all the best wingmen, he is part computer and part real-life, anonymous human man.


The algorithm part of Wingman Barney generates matches for users based on answers in their profiles. Users then have the option of messaging potential matches on their own or enlisting the help of Wingman Barney, who will send a message expressing interest in matches on behalf of the users. But in, like, a cute way.

[via Daily Dot]

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