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Cult horror film Trick ‘R Treat is getting a sequel

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Trick ‘R Treat is getting a sequel, according to writer/director  Michael Dougherty. While the first movie—which starred Anna Paquin and Brian Cox—is a cult favorite amongst horror enthusiasts, it never received a proper theatrical release, making the prospect of a sequel something of a surprise. (It was shown at a few film festivals in 2007, before finally being released on DVD in 2009). But speaking to Entertainment WeeklyDougherty explains, “If I log in to check out the film’s Facebook page, or if there’s an article about it, the top comment is always ‘Give us part two.’ Just dozens of people. I think that momentum just started to build to the point where it was deafening.”


Those dozens of fans may be slightly disappointed to hear Doughtery does not yet have a script, a location, or release date in mind (“I try not to get caught up on thinking about release dates, because I think that’s a mistake Hollywood tends to make…[it] forces you to rush things and sacrifice quality just to have a movie out.”). Though like the original Trick ‘R Treat, it will be an anthology film depicting the numerous scary happenings that take place on Halloween in a small town, all linked by the appearance of creepy child-like figure named Sam, whose back story of "who and what he actually is" Dougherty says will be further explored. So far—according to Wikipedia—all that's known is Sam “is a spirit of simple pleasures. All he asks is… for you to give him candy, and to keep your jack-o-lanterns lit on Halloween night, otherwise he will kill you.” So, fairly reasonable.

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