Man's Best Friend

Look at you people, sitting there crying about your Ghostbuster 3s and your Han Solo movies and everything else that’s pounding your nostalgic little heart into a pulpy mash but you’ll pay to see in theaters anyway. That’ll never happen to us Cujo fans. Yeah, Sunn Classic Pictures announced a remake back in 2013, and a company called Sunn Classic Pictures doesn’t sound like it’s in a position to be too snobby about canon. But that was two years ago. Surely the Cujo remake must be dead by now. There’s no way it will come back as an acronym representing the worst and cheapest of direct-to-video impulses…right?

Well, Dread Central has received another press release from Sunn Classic, this one bringing the troubling news that the remake has been retitled C.U.J.O. That stands for “Canine Unit Joint Operations,” and while the press release doesn’t elaborate on what those ”Joint Operations” are, between the acronym and the Cujo connection, the smart money’s on a genetically engineered superdog with military connections wreaking havoc. The horror dorks in the house will recognize that plot as suspiciously similar to that of the 1993 Ally Sheedy/Lance Henriksen movie Man’s Best Friend, about a genetically engineered Tibetan Mastiff who escapes from a government genetic research facility and kills a bunch of people.


It could also be a robot, because C.H.O.M.P.S. is a thing.