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Illustration for article titled Cuba Gooding Jr. to surrender to police after alleged groping incident
Photo: Santiago Felipe (Getty Images)

NBC News reports today that Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. plans to surrender himself to New York police this week, after being accused of groping a woman at a Manhattan bar. Per USA Today, Gooding Jr. denies that the incident occurred, but intends to offer himself up to a police investigation tomorrow. His legal team has reportedly been negotiating the deal with the NYPD throughout the week.


The incident in question reportedly happened on Sunday night, when a woman accused Gooding Jr. of grabbing her breast while the two were drinking together in a rooftop bar. When asked about the incident by TMZ reporters this week, the American Crime Story actor said that nothing happened, and apparently repeatedly attempted to “deflect” questions about the incident by offering up praise for Jon Stewart’s recent vigorous defense of 9/11 first responders, instead—a “Hey, why is my name in this story about Cuba Gooding Jr. allegedly groping someone?” gesture that we can’t imagine that the former Daily Show host will entirely appreciate.

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