As reported by Deadline, Cuba Gooding Jr., Michael Madsen, and The Cape’s Keith David—who has been in tons of other good things, but c’mon—have signed on to join Comedy Central’s Big Time In Hollywood, FL, a new original series about two filmmaker brothers who get kicked out of their parents’ house and must find a way to live on their own. Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf will write and star in the series, which has already received a 10-episode order from the network. The parents will be played by Kathy Baker and Stephen Tobolowsky, who will hopefully stick around here longer than he did on The Mindy Project.

Gooding will reportedly play a “fictionalized version of himself,” which means he’ll probably be doing the same wacky overblown caricature of a real person that most famous people do when they’re playing a fictionalized version of themselves. This instance will probably feature a handful of “show me the money” references, though, because that was a famous thing from a movie he did. Madsen will be “a grizzled, alcoholic private investigator,” which also sounds like it could be a fictionalized version of himself, and David will play “a federal agent sent to investigate Cartel activity,” which, again, just sounds like the sort of thing a fictionalized version of Keith David would do in his spare time.