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It’s the rare moment in Cuba Gooding Jr. news that makes you look back on the days of Daddy Day Camp and think, “Those were good times.” Yet that’s the moment in which we find ourselves, as TV Line reports that the Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner of 1996 will have a multi-episode guest arc on ABC’s supernatural drama Forever.


Gooding Jr. will play Isaac Douglas, a character being brought in as a romantic interest for Alana de la Garza’s Detective Jo Martinez. Douglas is described as “a rich do-gooder who—after being cleared as a possible murder suspect—wines and dines” de la Garza’s grieving widow. We can only imagine the comforting nature of dating someone who has been declared a non-killer before the night in of making pasta and watching 27 Dresses together. For her part, de la Garza is excited about the guest arc. “I mean, she goes on a date and she might dress up a little bit, which is fun,” explained the actress.

Gooding Jr. will make his debut on the series in late March. He was recently cast as O.J. Simpson in the upcoming FX series American Crime Story, speaking of roles that make an actor stand in front of the mirror and question just about every decision that has led to this moment.

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