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CSI puts Doctor Who’s Guinness World Record in peril

Illustration for article titled iCSI/i puts iDoctor Who/i’s Guinness World Record in peril

A nearly year-old episode of CSI designed to sell the world on the show’s newest spinoff, CSI: Cyber, will likely eject Doctor Who from the Guinness World Records, according to Deadline.


As you may recall, a good chunk of the fanfare surrounding the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special included airing the episode in more than 90 countries across six continents, setting the current record for the biggest-ever simulcast of a TV drama. But while it’s been a good run for the Doctor, CBS plans to overtake the record on March 4 by pumping Kitty, a CSI episode originally aired in April 2014, into the unsuspecting homes of more than 150 countries. (They’ll stream it even longer at CBS.com.) The network has dubbed this “World CSI Day,” an event that might accomplish the same goal but is a far cry from “The Day Of The Doctor.” (Whodle, anyone?)

There is, of course, a method to this madness. Kitty, a cyber-related CSI episode investigating the murder of a prominent casino owner’s wife, plants the seeds for the series’ fourth spinoff. CSI: Cyber stars unapologetic Oscar winner Patricia Arquette as FBI Special Agent Avery Ryan, solving murders, theft, sex crimes and blackmail using the Dark Web. James Van Der Beek (Don’t Trust the B—— In Apartment 23), Elisabeth Shue (Behaving Badly, CSI) and Ted Danson (Bored to Death) also star. CBS will premiere CSI: Cyber at the end of the (presumably) record-setting broadcast.

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