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Crystal Castles announces shows with new singer who may not be real

Last October, two-part electronic band Crystal Castles effectively broke up when singer Alice Glass decided to leave the band. Producer and instrumentalist Ethan Kath—the only remaining member of Crystal Castles—recently returned, though, and released a pair of new singles under the band’s name with the vocals now credited to someone named Edith. Stereogum has some wild theories about who Edith might be, but fans will presumably get a chance to see who she really is for themselves soon, as Crystal Castles has just announced its first new shows without Glass. In addition to a stop at SXSW in March, Crystal Castles will playing two concerts in South Africa later this month: SoundsWild in Johannesburg on November 27, and Synergy Live in Cape Town on November 28. Hopefully someone in the audience at one of those shows will make a point to yell for the band to take a moment and explain who Edith is.

[via Pitchfork]


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